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Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by Balaamsdonkey, Mar 27, 2015.

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    Mid-2010 MacBook Pro i7 2.66GHz

    tl;dr: My WiFi has been turning it self off only to turn on after reboot. After my software troubleshooting steps (including re-installing OS) I looked to see if there was a missing wire. Thought WiFi/Bluetooth was loose so pulled it up. Now Bluetooth and WiFi never work.

    For the last couple of months I've had intermittent WiFi problems where the WiFi will turn itself off after wake, and occasionally it would give me the "no hardware installed" message.

    I took it to my local Apple certified shop. When I brought it in WiFi wasn't working, when they rebooted (an action that fixes the problem temporarily) and tested it it worked fine. The rep advised I re-install the OS, and if that didn't fix it that it was likely the Airport card.

    I re-installed the OS and I reset the NVRAM afterwards. I then decided to open the thing up to see if a wire was loose.
    I noticed that the ribbon connecting the Airport card area to the, what I think might be the Logic board, might have been a little "raised" on one side. I took my spudger thing I got in my little kit when I installed my SSD, and started prying one side up. It came up easy. I noticed though the connections from the ribbon and come loose from the Ribbon. Now my WiFi and Bluetooth are both now working.

    Here is what it looks like now. I wasn't quite sure how to capture the separation

    So I have three questions:
    Is it possible I did this when I pried the ribbon up? I no doubt made it worse, but seems odd that I could have destroyed it with the small amount of pressure I used.
    If the damage was here prior to my monkey-business, might this have been the problem the whole time?
    If I were to attempt to through a few dollars at the problem is this the part I need?
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    Close. That item might be for a different Apple Part #, and may not work. (edit: But, it's probably going to work. However, I would get the one linked to below, as it's cheaper, specifically mentions the correct Apple Part #, and actually has some positive customer reviews for it.)

    This is the one you need to replace the Apple Part # in your system:

    One of the customer reviews for that part even mentions the same issue you were having, and that replacing the cable fixed it for them. So, that's even more promising. It's even cheaper than the one you were looking at too! (Bonus!)

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