Brought iPhone 4 off eBay, need to unlock

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    Hey guys,

    Just need some tips. I've brought a 32gb iPhone4 off eBay for 300 (I thought it was great deal). It's locked to Vodafone but the phone won't arrive for another 12hours. Anyways, I emailed the guy about unlocking it using the Vodafone form but the user runs a business so people bring phones in, he pays them and sells them on.

    So he replied to me saying he can't fill out the unlock form as he's not the original buyer and there's no way to contact them. I figured I'd call Vodafone in the morning and go into a store and ask them to unlock it, failing that I'd try a market stall or something. I'm not on Vodafone (I'm with O2) so I'll need to unlock it but don't mind paying £15-20 to unlock.

    Are Vodafone likely to unlock it for me? how much are phoneshops/market stalls likely to charge? I've never used them before. Any help would be great, thanks :)

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    Vodafone are very unlikely to unlock it if you're not a customer. I could be wrong and you could get a nice helpful person, but my experience tells me it's unlikely. I'm not sure market stalls/shops can unlock it, at least not officially. If they do, then it will likely be some sort of jailbreak and should you restore it, it will be locked again.

    My advice, which you won't like, is to buy a payg voda sim and then have them unlock it (£25 I think) or there was a form on the main iPhone forum (which I successfully used) which will unlock it for free... But you'll still need to have a Vodafone number. Oh and it takes about two weeks...

    Grim right?! Sorry

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