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    Sep 26, 2003
    I've dealt with this before but cannot recall how I fixed it. I'm pulling the examples from
    • Using the eyedropper tool via Photoshop CS, the background color for the image is #D0D0D0 ( - feel free to check for yourself)
    • Using CSS, I've set the background color for the page to be #D0D0D0
    Given that information, the image background and background color of the page should match.

    Screenshot from Mozilla Firebird (latest nightly OS X build):


    Screeenshot from Safari v1.1:


    Screenshot from IE 5.2:


    As you can tell, they like to use their own palettes of colors :blink: Safari is the only browser that renders the page properly; the others alter the background color to different color. I have a hunch it has something to do with not using websafe colors and some browsers using web-safe palettes while others (i.e. Safari) don't.
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    Try a GIF instead of a PNG. PNG support is still (unfortunately) flaky enough to cause the issues you're seeing.
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