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Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by m i k e, Apr 2, 2009.

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    Aug 10, 2007
    I clicked a link from Google today using Safari and got a notice from Safari that the page had malware on it so I clicked the button in the message to close the page. I clicked the link again in different browsers and it brought me to the correct page that was a perfectly normal WordPress page. I figured that the page had some weird code or a rotating add that Safari detected as malware that one time. Later on though, I tried clicking the same link on another computer that I don't care about and the malware was not detected and I was automatically redirected to a site that was definitely infected. This link is the Norton Safeweb analysis of the page that I was redirected to: I closed the browser and reopened it and upon clicking the Google link again I was taken again to the normal site. The only difference between my two experiences is that in my first experience my browser detected the malware and in my second experience the browser did not detect the malware. After that first click though, on the second attempt and all attempts thereafter, in both situations I was able to go back and get to the real page that was not infected (the real site must have been hijacked to redirect to the malicious page- but only upon the first click?). This worries me a little because even after clearing my cookies, I am not prompted again by the malware. I have to go to a completely different computer to get another malware warning. I guess I'm worried that my machine has been infected with something even though I never went to the bad page (Safari warned me and I closed it). Is it normal that the link should only try to redirect me once and that I have to go to a different computer in order to receive the malware warning again?
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    It's a message from Google, not Safari.

    It means the page may be a phishing page, try to make you download a malicious payload, may be infected with XSS code, or something else.

    None of it affects OS X

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