Browser that supports Hotmail and Go Daddy email fully?

Discussion in 'Mac Apps and Mac App Store' started by vkapoormd, Jan 5, 2006.

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    I just got my sister in law to switch from PC to a powerbook, which she uses for work. She is a heavy user of MSN hotmail and email services for her job. Turns out that nor safari, nor firefox, nor internet explorer for mac fully support all of her email functions - specifically, she is not able to bold or italicize her messages which she needs to be able to do. My only solution was to have her use virtual PC and use IE from there - but this is pretty tedious process. Anybody know any other third party browsers that would support these functions specifically? thanks:confused:
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    You could try Opera or good old Netscape (even if version 8 isn't ready for OS X, yet), but for Hotmail I fear that only IE for Windows will be the best.

    Maybe she should get a GMail account in stead and ditch the inferiour Hotmail account...? ;)
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    I guarantee you that Firefox DOES do those things for those sites. You could also try Shiira, but it's built on Safari's rendering engine (KHTML) so it might have the same failures as Safari.
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    Using Hotmail through Safari gives the user access to all of the system tools like fonts and spelling. The Hotmail provided tools are not needed. I assume this will work with any webmail service accessed through Safari.

    All you need to do is: control or right click in the mail text body, and your tools are there.

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