Browser & Websites Not Working In Yosemite


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Apr 23, 2019
In the last couple of weeks I've have some issues and I wondered if it might be due to the OS I'm using.

I'm on a 2010 mac Yosemite OS. The browser is Firefox (recent version) and I use Windscribe VPN with UBlock origin both of which I got from Firefox add ons.

Problem is something is interrupting sites from loading when Windscribe is on. I get a drop down menu that says:

The proxy moz-proxy:// is requesting a username and password. The site says: "Windscribe-Proxy"

I fill in username/password select "OK" button and the drop down just opens and closes again. I repeat and the same thing happens. I have to turn off Windscribe to get a site to load.

I go to Firefox support and clear my cookies per their suggestion.

So now I have to sign in to sites but the buttons on the sites don't work. I can't select anything. I can't open gmail on my laptop because the "next" button to take me to next the screen requesting my password doesn't function. At YouTube I can't sign in there either because when I try to select "sign in" that button doesn't work. I can't comment or ask questions on Reddit because the necessary buttons on that site don't work.

At first I thought it was Windscribe but with it turned off all these things happen anyway so I thought maybe it's Yosemite.

Appreciate any help or suggestions.