Carrier browsing the web - 3rd party was able to bill me!

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by markgodley, Sep 16, 2014.

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    On the weekend I was on the train on my phone scouring the internet for an older version of an application I used to have on my mobile for download later. In short, the serial code I have doesn't work in the newer version. Also I always was lead to believe this is safer from malicious website as they cant run applications in the background/start unwanted downloads.

    However, as you can imagine these sites have about 10 download buttons and are often catch people out on which is the correct one. Obviously I ended up clicking the wrong one, I was then taken to some sort of movie based site. Having tried to navigate away from this site, as anyone would would they tap the bottom of the page to get the navigation bar back for the safari browser. However this site somehow manages to disable this functionality, as a result clicking one of their links. This also result in your being unable to close that browser window as you cant access the navigation bar.

    Shortly after i then received a text message stating "Thank you for your purchase of 4 videos - £24" which contained a number and email address. I assumed it was some sort of scam so brushed it off, simply navigating the web can't incur charges to my bill directly, also never having direct access to my mobile number. However i was wrong.

    Checking my Three account i now have charges for £24 on my account.

    I'm absolutely stunned that browsing the internet/clicking links can incur/action these sort of charges without prior authorisation by me!

    How was this 3rd party able to charge my contract account directly. I assume they was able to obtain my number somehow?

    Iphone 5 - iOS7 (not jailbroken)

    Anyone offer any advice?
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    Nov 13, 2011
    Tell apple. support page.

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