Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior HD Impressions

Discussion in 'iPad' started by MicroByte, Apr 5, 2010.

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    I thought I would post this for anyone interested. I could not find impressions anywhere so thought I would share.

    Okay, dropped $5 on this game, I've payed much to for games without reviews before so took a chance...

    Glad I did! It's not the deepest game out there, but as a Tekken/Virtua Fighter fan, I'm getting my fix!

    There are various modes to go through (as mentioned in the app description). Story seems to be somewhat open where you start by fighting your master and then progress to move up different levels and acquire new skills. Once I got to Level 5, the world opened where I could go for more challenges or fight in VS matches against new competitors.

    The fighting mechanics seem a little deeper than just basic punch and kicks. You can string together kicks/punches into combos. There are also "power" moves that usually get followed by a cool animation also. I have found that there are counters and blocks also. The tutorial didn't go too much into the deeper mechanics unless they are under a different section.

    The main versus mode seems to have a number of fighters to unlock. To start with, you only have Bruce Lee and one other fighter available. I'm honestly not sure how to open others, but have a feeling it's through either beating the vs mode or playing through the story mode.

    The AI seems pretty competent and progresses pretty nicely in Story mode. While playing, the AI was blocked and countered and seemed to put up more of a challenge than your average punching bag. There are several difficulties also when you start (beginner, Medium, expert) so the AI was pretty comparable at Medium.

    Graphics are really nice! The animation seems fluid and the environments seem really detailed. Compared to other iPad games, this is pretty top notch! Some of the textures are a little blurry, but overall, I am impressed.

    Sound is pretty good although I wish some of the hits were louder and meatier. There are some times when it looked like I punched or kicked the crap out of someone, but the bone breaking crunch just wasn't there.

    Overall, these are my minute impressions of the game. I want to definitely spend more time with this and feel like my $5 was really well spent! I honestly had not heard of this game and today was the first I had seen it. After the disappointment of how SFIV turned out upscaled to the iPad (borked controls!), this is a breath of fresh air!
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    There should be a separate forum for this if there isn't already.

    I'm sure a lot of people are interested.
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