Brushed Frame iPhone X: Anyone willing to do it?


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Mar 23, 2007
I REALLY want to brush the steel frame of my new iPhone X, but I'm using a Jump On Demand lease and can't modify the phone. I guess, like the saying, people like shiny things. From what I've seen thus far, and my ownership of the iPhone 3G, I'm not a fan of the new stainless steel glossed frame. The glossed finish will show any imperfections and looks a bit gaudy for my style, especially in 2017. Hopefully newer materials being used will help alleviate the issue. Time will tell.

Not a huge deal either way, but I'm hopeful we'll see see someone brush one of these bad boys up! Here's a brushed iPhone 3G. Looked great in person when I did it to mine.



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Oct 22, 2017
This is just me, but I would think that this would be pretty obsessive. Then again people like what they like, adn it definitely would be unique and stand out.

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Feb 6, 2007
you'd brush it to hide manufacturing inconsistencies and/or poor curvature and funky reflections.

those things are shiny because they'll create perfect reflections while moving through various angles/lighting conditions.

so i'll keep mine polished.. if it wears/dulls naturally then so be it.

edit- saying a different way..
some of that thousand bucks you spent on the phone is because of the various processes (both in design and manufacturing) it's gone through in order to make it reflective..
so, brush the steel and it's like brushing some cash away ;)
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