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    Brydge has released their keyboard for the iPad mini 4, which this review is based on, although many, if not all, points of this review would apply to their other models.
    The construction of the keyboard is second to none. Yes, it is heavier, as it is aluminum, but the quality of the construction guarantees the keyboard will last as long as the iPad. If you base decisions on grams, this is not the keyboard for you!
    The keys provided adequate travel and feedback. Brydge has done an excellent job on the design and color, as both would lead one to believe that the keyboard is actually an Apple product.
    The hinge system secures the iPad adequately, although it is foreseeable that the iPad could be accidentally released while carrying. The hinges can easily be tightened or loosened, simply by applying pressure, as they're aluminum as well. The hinges are non-intrusive. The hinge design does apply pressure over a very small surface area, which will temporarily deform the screen coloring on the right side, due to the pressure while adjusting the angle. I did notice that after a short period of use, and adjusting the angle, the screen did have an area of color deformity remain until the iPad was turned off. The discoloring does not occur if the angle remains unchanged.
    While the hinge design, ease of attachment and adjustable angle may be the most notable positive design element, it is also the most notable negative design element.
    The iPad sits low in the hinges, which thereby will prevent use of the Control Center, or any control input required from the bottom of the screen. I rarely use the Control Center, so this did not have a significant impact. The Notification screen cannot be retracted while in the hinges, as the user will not be able to contact the screen at the required point. Any app that has control features or inputs at the bottom of the screen, such as Outlook, are extremely difficult, if not impossible, to use with the keyboard attached, as the bottom of the screen is not accessible. This problem will exist with all Brydge models.
    If you can overlook the screen positioning, the Brydge is a solid contender.
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    TL;DR. Which is funny since it's a keyboard review. :)

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