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    I am hopefully unlocking an iPhone next week but have a few questions first.
    1. What would you recommend: ZiPhone or iJailBreak? I am leaning towards iJailBreak because it looks easier to use. Also, doesn't ZiPhone downlgrade the bootloader or baseband or something like that?
    2. If I used iJailBreak (or ZiPhone) and it went wrong, what would I do and would I be able to use ZiPhone, say if it did go wrong with iJailBreak and vice versa.
    3. I have seen that people say I should install BSD Subsystem and Open SSH. I don't plan on using the installer, in fact, is there any way to delete it? Are BSD Subsystem and Open SSH necessary if I don't want to install stuff with Installer?
    4. I have seen varied reports. Some say I need to put my desired SIM card in before unlocking. Some say I don't. What is the best thing to do?
    5. The iPhone I will hopefully be unlocking will be an out of the box 16 GB version. What exactly should I do if I used ZiPhone or iJailBreak? Do I need to turn the iPhone on for the first time and connect, turn it on turn it off, do anything in iTunes or put into recovery mode or DFU mode? If so how do I do that?

    Thank you from a (hopefully) new iPhone owner needing some help! :eek:
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    Feb 5, 2008
    I'll just reply to your BSD / SSH question -
    yes, you'll definitely want them installed.
    Especially if you plan on installing apps without the Installer.
    Though you'll need the Installer to install BSD / SSH first.
    From there on, if you have any kind of *nix admin experience, you should be able to do all you need to do with your iPhone.
    (Upload files, change permissions, create symbolic links if necessary

    No real need to uninstall the Installer. Just hide it with Poof later.
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    Thanks hiddencatch! Could anyone else answer the other questions?

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