Buffalo Drivestation Duo

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by josefj, Jan 18, 2014.

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    Jan 18, 2014
    Has anyone had an issue setting up a Buffalo 2TB (2x1TB) Drivestation duo on their MAC? I'm trying to figure out if the bus is bad, or the enclosure is bad. I don't thinks it'a drive, both drive lights are green.
    I recently bought one and want it to work with TM as a raid1. When it’s connected, only 1 drive shows in disk utility. It doesn't matter if it’s connect to a USB hub 3.0 (hoo too w/power supply) or into a 3.0 port on the iMac. I’m current on all updates, running 10.9.1, iMac 21” late 2013.
    Buffalo instructions… are non existed for Apple (step by step though if your Wintel).
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    Oct 9, 2005
    If it's doing the RAID 1 via the controller chip in the case itself, then it will only appear as one 1TB drive. The data will be written to both drives simultaneously (presuming it's working).

    You could test to see by putting it in RAID 0 mode and checking that one 2TB volume is showing up. That'll at least indicate that it sees both drives correctly.
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    The problem with most of these cases is they are really an ATAPI bridge so only one drive shows in the boot menu. I backup every night to different drives and wanted to be able to hold the option key on start and see both bootable cloan drives in the menu but only one shows. I now have two other drives in the case and the two bootable in their own cases.
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    Jan 18, 2014
    Buffalo Drivestation Duo

    Thanks everyone. Yes, the Buffalo Duo ships in Raid 1 mode. Hence, when connected it only shows one drive.

    What I was expecting to see in 'disk utility' was a 2TB enclose with 2 1TB drives which I could reformat and then in the raid tab make the raid set. I finally found it buried in the manual.

    But trying to change them to raid 0 or standalone (to verify both drives) is damn near impossible. Pressing the raid button on the back of the enclose did nothing. The MAC raid utility supplied by Buffalo only shows the current configuration with no menu bar (though the manual says you can change it via the utility).

    Anyhow on faith, I'm now doing backups via TM.

    Again... Thanks everyone

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