Buffalo MediaStation BluRay Drive Mystery

Discussion in 'Mac Accessories' started by Val-kyrie, Dec 10, 2014.

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    I recently purchased a Buffalo MediaStation BRXL-PC6U2. I hooked the USB cable to my MacBook (2008, USB 2) and my MacBook Air (2013, USB 3), and the drive powered on normally and could be used with just the one cable. I then hooked it up to my Mac Mini (2012 Server, USB 3) and the drive would not power up (red blinking light) without also hooking up the additional power cable. However, once it received adequate power (blue light) from the Mini, I was able to unhook the additional power cable and the drive was still able to read and write.

    I contacted Apple Support twice and they do not know why the drive is functioning differently across the various Macs or why my MB with USB 2 and my MBA with USB 3 will power it with one cable but the Mini requires two cables to power on the external drive.

    Buffalo's tech support suggested the drive was not getting enough draw from the Mini initially but once started, the USB 3 port was providing enough power to maintain the device's functionality.

    Does anyone have any ideas on how or why the Mini is more limited in its power output vs a 2008 MB and a 2013 MBA, the former with USB 2 and the latter with the same (presumably) USB 3?
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    Are there other USB devices hanging off the mini? Did you try all the min USB ports? Are you using the same USB cable with the mini?
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    Same here

    Same here, very frustrating. I actually went from a Mac mini Early 2009 which had no problems supplying power to the Buffalo! To make it even worse, the 2009 mini had five USB ports to the 2012's four...

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