bug in 2002 QuickSilver Video Card or Software.


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Sep 17, 2001
just got off the phone with apple support after having trouble with my powermac 933.. my NEC display is flashing (maybe once an hour when attached to my powermac 933 and never when attached to my iMac). Apperently they are having trouble with this on some machines... and don't have a fix. It doesn't sound like they completely understand if it is OS X display drivers or Nivida's card causing it.

Anyone with this problem?

I still love my G4

-Bill Shackelford

Kid Red

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Dec 14, 2001
It's a known issue with the GFMX4 and LCD montiors, check out apple.com disccusion boards under Powermacs/Usage/Displays and see the massive thread going on. I have the issue with my dual gig + Cinema Display:(

Ensign Paris

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Nov 4, 2001
Two monitors is the best way to go.

I had an idea for apple, they should make it so you can use the "VGA Output" on the powerbook as an input and use its screen for another computer. That would be real useful for me (Techie/Student)


rEd Eye

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Nov 28, 2001
Yep,I get the same screen flashes with my DP 1Ghz,and nividia mx card,agp with a sony trinitron 19".I get them in os 9.Not sure about os X.
Bloody annoying!
If it occurs in os 9 and os X,it must be a hardware issue.I'll definately wan't my nividia card repaired/replaced before my warranty expires!