Bug In iTunes Photo Sync to iPhone/Touch

Discussion in 'iPod' started by MagnusVonMagnum, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Jun 18, 2007
    I've discovered a miserable bug in the current iTunes 9.0.2 in regards to syncing photos to an iPod Touch (presumably the iPhone also). I had synced some photos from a trip and then later went back and edited some of those photos in Photoshop (removed blemishes, lightened up some photos, etc.) and when I sync'ed the iPod Touch again, it did *NOT* update the photos to use the new ones. iTunes has always been very good about recognizing even the slightest changes to photo files when syncing to my AppleTV units and replacing the edited files.

    However, I believe the problem here is that iTunes creates miniature versions of the photos to store on the iPod Touch instead of using the full resolution versions in order to save space (with no option to store the full ones so you can zoom better, etc., which is irritating in and of itself) and therefore it simply is not updating those thumb versions when the master images are changed (I'm not using iPhoto, but a directory, so I don't know if that would matter or not). Even if I move the entire directory of the originals away somewhere else re-sync and then move them back, it still "knows" it already made thumbnails for that folder and just syncs the ones it already made before the edits back to the iPod Touch. Basically, I see no easy way to get my updated photos onto the iPod Touch short of erasing ALL the thumbnail photos (because you simply CANNOT tell which photos are which since they are stored in numbered directories in unviewable file formats). The thing is, I've done edits/changes before (like fixing/removing EXIF rotation information since iTunes IGNORES that data when it sends pictures to the iPod Touch, therefore making them rotated the wrong way on vertical pictures) and it always updated the photos properly in the past so this seems like a new bug to me for iTunes.

    I have not updated the iPod Touch to the latest firmware (still at 3.0) since I read something about worse battery life under the newer updates that I never read an update that it got fixed, so I don't know if there's any possibility that might make a difference, but I doubt it since it is iTunes that makes the thumbnails to send to it. The firmware wouldn't have any impact on that.

    I've sent bug reports and minor feature improvements to Apple before about various products and they usually seem to completely and utterly ignore them all, so I'm not sure I see much point in reporting this one.

    On the latter (i.e. suggestions), why does "Remote" not show the lyrics to songs like the same songs show when actually stored on an iPhone/Touch? It's a minor oversight, but we had another Remote update recently and there's still no lyric display and probably never will be unless one of the developers happens to think of it. I think they just toss suggestions right into the bit bucket, personally.

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