Bug with Daylight Savings - Infograph face


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Sep 13, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
Daylight savings started over night in many parts of Australia, and upon waking up this morning, i switched from my normal modular watch face, to the new favourite, the Infograph face.

Straight away, the apple logo appeared on the watch, and didn't go away like when it boots up. My Series 2 used to periodically reboot and i thought this was doing the same thing.

After chatting with apple support, i was asked to unpair and re pair, which i did, and no fix from doing this!

Chatted again and another guy said to do again which i did, and no fix once more. He then scheduled a call from Apple who we went through it all again, and then got me to send some diagnostics to apple, which i did.

Then i find an Australian forum where this is happening to many others (presumably after Daylight savings). The apparent fix is to change the watch face from within the watch app to something other than the infograph face. I did this and it seems to be working as i can now see my modular face (whilst on charge since the battery depleted at an astronomic rate!)

Hopefully this will help anyone who may have similar issues.

I responded to my apple support case manager to advise him and he will send the information to the engineering team for assessment.
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