Bugs I no longer have after 7.1

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    Dec 15, 2013
    Just so some who haven't updated can see maybe a list of things that HAVE improved in 7.1 I'm running a 64GB iPhone 5s space grey. Feel free to add to the list:

    Touch ID: I didn't think I was having problems before the update but now after the update it's just wow. It's not even something you have to really think about it just does it's thing.

    Spring board crashes: none as of yet... This used to happen frequently to me while using iTunes Radio. I've used it a ton in the past day and no crashes.

    iTunes Radio now correctly identifies songs I already own and displays the correct cloud symbol instead of the buy icon

    iTunes Radio no longer sometimes goes to a song and then quickly skips it. This has been fixed. Also no more back to back or every other song being the same.

    iTunes Radio and music app now finally displays correct cover art from the beginning of the song instead of taking a bit to load.

    Darken colors and reduce white point together have made the colors and whiteness of the OS much more bare able.

    The blackening of folders and icons when in the middle of swiping to the next page of apps is now gone.

    Safari pages load MUCH quicker. (I cannot say anything about the tab refreshing or crashing after having multiple tabs open as i NEVER had those problems before)

    No delays or stuttering when pulling up control center, pulling down notification center, or pulling down spotlight search. They are all very quick and fluid now.

    I had an issue(or maybe it was just the way it was) with the camera app not remembering my settings after opening; closing then later using again. Now it remembers my HDR, frame type, and flash settings from previous session.

    Geofences now correctly alert me.

    Just about ever glitch I had with iTunes Radio is now gone.

    Those are just the ones I've noticed so far. Please add your own and I'll add new ones as well as I use and discover the fixes.
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    Anyone using an iPhone 4S?

    My sister (who lives far away from me) has a 4S that was having trouble with the wifi after updating to iOS 7 does anyone know if 7.1 fixes that?
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