Build Balls FREE For a limited time only now

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    Build Balls FREE For a limited time only now!!!!
    Build Balls FREE For a limited time only now!!!!
    Game Introduction
    Build Balls FREE For a limited time only now!!!!Bulid balls is a physics based puzzle / construction game.Players need to use the viscous balls to set up the bracket until eaten the shining stars.There are altogether*eighty levels in this*game,the most important feature is fully utilized a variety of principles of physics and the building mechanics, structural mechanics, and other technologies into the game.There are endless fun actually.
    For the simple and fresh style of the pictures.It shows the feeling of freedom that the lovely goo balls are very happy with the dancing.The screen effect is really excellent.
    The awesome sound and beautiful music, it’s a trip during the time you play Bulid balls.The leisurely rhythm and the lovely sound of goo balls endowed with the role of real life.It feels comfortable and pleasant.
    Although there are various levels route, we adopted a simple operation mode of clicking on the link.At the beginning of game are relatively simple,but the difficulties will be gradually increased at the following levels.You don't worry about new challenges are too hard to pass it.The players can see the tips about game before the start of each level.
    The building materials of Goo balls are divided into several kinds.For example,there are disposable black and white goo balls,However white balls stronger than black balls.Yellow balloons and reusable green balls ect.It is a special game.All of these are waiting for you.

    The app store English link:
    The app store Chinese link:
    Youtebe video:
    Tudou video:


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    No offence, mate. But this looks like a shameless world of goo ripoff.
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    Wow, you copied World of Goo.

    I'll stick with World of Goo.

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