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Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by TheArnettie, Nov 14, 2012.

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    Hey guys,

    I would like to build my own computer (sorta). Is it possible to buy a G5 for the tower and update the internals to my own spec. I guess I would like to put in a new hard drive, ram, CPU. I would like to know if this is even possible. I want it to be updated enough to run like a new Mac Pro but not as powerful as I use it as a personal computer and now a work machine for video/photo editing.
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    Yes this is possible, there are many people who have built them and they are referred to as 'hackintosh' machines. has a shopping list of compatible hardware and premade software tools to get your machine running Mac OSX. has a good forum for troubleshooting specific issues.

    Later on if you really want to get into tweaking the performance of your machine check this thread from these forums:

    General hackintosh vs mac questions are fielded here on the macrumors forums, but for specific installation problems it would be best to register with the other sites I have mentioned.

    One thing I will recommend is to find a system someone already has running and to replicate it 100%. Some people are generous enough to upload a complete build log of how they did it.

    There are many many frustrating problems you can run into when mixing hardware that hasn't been tried in a hackintosh before. There is no need to blaze new trails for your first build, save yourself the pain!
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    In addition, if you read up on the build from the other forums and decide it is not for you in the end, keep an eye open in the refurb store for either a 2010 hex-core or a 2010 quad-core and upgrade the cpu yourself.

    As DJenkins said, Hackintosh build queries are best handled on tonymacx86 and insanelymac.

    Have a good read.

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