Building A PC or Hac............advice on parts?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by allbrokeup, Apr 18, 2009.

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    Hi there,

    In a few months, I will be assembling my first PC/Hac. But I need some advice on parts that I will be using.

    The guy where I bought the computer case (Asus Vento TAK11 incl. 450w PSU) outlined the recommended parts that I would need in order to do what I want with the computer I am going to build.

    They were:

    Asus P5Q-Pro Motherboard (775 Socket)
    2GB RAM
    Asus Hd4850 1GB Video Card
    Intel Q2800 (Intel Core 2 Quad)
    LG Blu-Ray Drive
    22-24" LCD Monitor
    WD 500GB Int HDD

    I told him that I wanted to play games like GTAIV at the same speed as the PS3 or near to it, also to be able to decode/burn/backup/watch BluRay or HD Movies at full speed and size. Can I do better? Or won't I have room in my Mid Tower? Should I get a "Glass Wall Tower" instead?

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    you will have better luck getting help with this at
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    Yup. Also try hardforum and

    I'm building a PC in a couple of months as well. Good luck to you!

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