Building kext files for touch displays

Discussion in 'OS X Mavericks (10.9)' started by gptUser, Oct 7, 2013.

  1. gptUser, Oct 7, 2013
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    gptUser macrumors newbie

    Mar 23, 2013
    Hi, I want to port my .kext file to Mac 10.9 for using touch displays.
    Essentially, the kext lists the devices and gives it the details about the HW, however, my issue is that it seems that one variable in particular that was used previously (Mac 10.8 and earlier) doesn't seem to do anything anymore:

    When changing this value I don't see any corrections to the 'touch' on the display. Did they introduce a new way of manipulating touch displays on 10.9 for fingers/pens?

    Any help is appreciated. :confused:

    EDIT: I've also posted a thread in the Mac Developer forums
  2. Manic Harmonic macrumors 6502

    Dec 4, 2011
    Unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question, but I thought I'd give your thread a bump and also let you know that I have a hackintosh with a touch screen so I'm willing to test for you if you need it. I'm currently using a trial driver from touchbase for it.
  3. gptUser thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 23, 2013
    Thanks for the reply.
    I'm not sure if testing it with your touch screen will be the same. Currently, we have some touch displays that it works with and just the one that is not working properly. However, if you do see a similar situation I would definitely appreciate and feedback.
  4. gptUser thread starter macrumors newbie

    Mar 23, 2013
    This actually was a bug in OS/X 10.9. Looks like this has been resolved in the release version of OS/X 10.9.3.

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