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    I'm in the proccess of building a new gaming rig.

    The case i will be using will be too big to sit near to the monitor

    The only place where it could go is 2-3 meters behind me.

    Does such a thing exist as an I/O extension cable.

    (a cable which could extend the inputs and outputs on a desktop computer)

    I/O such as monitor, mouse, kb, sound.
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    For monitor and sound you probably would be best served by a wireless HDMI link.

    KB and mouse can also be wireless, though the latency might be a bit much for gaming.

    EDIT: If wired you still probably should go with HDMI for audio and video and just run a long USB cable to a hub near the monitor... Monoprice has good deals on various cables.

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    I've worked in places where we had the computer located elsewhere and had the keyboard, monitor, and mouse handy. All I know is it was called a KVM cable (Keyboard, Video, Mouse). Not sure if sound would go in there, but for sound all you need to do is go to radio shack and get an extension cable with 1/8" connectors.

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