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Apr 27, 2012
I've got an alu bumper case, a DNA case on my 5S. I had a similar one for my 4s and never had any problems. But now I notice a dramatic decrease in strenght of my WIFI signal at home with the case on. When I take it off the strenght is basically the same as on my iPad. So is there a Faraday problem here and I suppose it's the same with other metal bumper cases?
The reason I love this case is it's design and I can have the phone stand on its side on a hrd surface for selfies, time lapses etc. etc.
Any advice on a non metal case I can use in a similar way ( having the phone standing on it's side)?


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Oct 3, 2012
That's the problem with all these aluminum cases popping up...the DNA case is all aluminum..aka a Faraday cage...there's hardly any "design" put into it. If they actually "designed" the case, they would've "designed" it to function.

So far, I've only seen and experience Element products to actually solve RF problems. They must be doing their homework unlike all these other companies.


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May 1, 2009
bumper case signal strength issues

I just tried mine, it will stand its side, the non button side. Also stands up on the charger side.
Spigen Neo hybrid ex slim bumper.

Made from polycarbonate. And silicone. No
Signal reduction. Never buy a metal

Or use this with any case. Tripod or not. It will free stand any phone. Has self timer app too.
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