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Discussion in 'iMac' started by BamaDMD, Aug 8, 2007.

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    Hey.. I would have loved to see a better card also...but with that, this is a great system (even for the MONEY!!) .... I shelled out 4000 grand just two years ago for a top of the line system (pc) and then recently drank the kool aid and bought an imac (20 inch mac 2.16) and it runs faster than my tricked out machine with a 380$ graphics card at the time. Quit worrying what pc er's have and if they point to specs... just have them to sit down and try out YOUR own mac.

    I just ordered a new 20inch maxed out and if it is faster than the the one I have now (at a cheaper price even) then woo hoo...Im' estatic. I game just some now (got tired of kickin everyones butt:cool:)

    Now I use my new mac for photo and video editing and it absolutly blows the PC's out the door (couldn't imagine what a pro must be like). If you are worried what the gamers think about this machine.....DONT. I was one and if I wanted to still be serious with gaming, the card would not only draw me away... the CPU would too.. Hard core gamers (really hard core) don't mess with a 1500 pc system.....they go for the really high end stuff. I did. Like in the 3-5 grand range. If they want OSX then they will get a pro no problem.

    have a nice day and chill:D
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    That's funny. I built my PC rig 3 years ago (actually, closer to 3 1/2) and the graphics card from that wipes the floor with the most expensive new iMac. :p That's particularly disconcerting given every other aspect of the new iMac kicks my old machine's butt.

    As always, YMWV. However, Apple has gone with a particularly crappy card with the new iMac. Period. I very much wanted to ditch my PC rig for a new iMac but that's unfortunately not going to happen.
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    Dec 12, 2005
    Well I'd certainly expect top of the line for that kind of money...
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    Aug 8, 2007

    oh man, so good. hahaha!
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    I think I know that PC sales guy. You may have been had...:rolleyes:

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