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Discussion in 'OS X Yosemite (10.10)' started by Tech198, May 19, 2015.

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    Why can't burn for OS X burn at selectable speeds when copying CD's ?

    We have a few issues where out home CD player can play Verbatim disc's while the car cd player cannot... However burn speed is set at "Maximum possible" and greyed out

    Personally, i reckon its due to burn speed, not media, as I always have used Verbatim, and when burning at slower speeds, from experience, always worked.

    Or should i just use Toast ?

    I do have Toast 11, which if going by roaringapps.com mentions as incompatible, however the application itself does work just fine in Yosemite. However, the reason i switched to burn initially because when I previously used Toast, i don't need other apps on my system i am not using... and since Toast doesn't come with a "custom" install option, u have no choice.

    I suppose i could just remove the other ones after install though
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    Sep 29, 2014
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    You may be misdiagnosing the cause of your problem. I have never heard of your problem manifesting with home-burned CDs, but I is a well known problem with home-burned DVDs. Because the basic physics of the two media are the same, it is entirely possible that the two suffer the same problem.

    The problem is this for DVDs. Each combination of media, burner, and player must be independently tested to work. No combination can be assumed to work unless it has been confirmed by testing.

    You seem to be fixated on a single brand of blank CDs, Verbatim. In the case of DVDs, the strategy is to start with top-of-the-line of a particular brand. If the top line media works, then go progressively cheaper until you reach media that does not work. If you cannot find a line of Verbatim media that works where you want to use it, then try a different brand and then follow the same strategy.

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