Burn Speed - Slower Better????

Bob Dobbs

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Jul 17, 2002
Ok I've been burning CD for a number of years now and alway click MAX spped - seemed like a no brainer. My car's CD player is very jumpy with home burned CD's (no skipping with store bought ones though)... For some reason I burned a CD at X2 - just a whim... it seems to play MUCH BETTER.

Could it be? Could a slow burn - burn deeper or better? or is it all in my head.



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Nov 19, 2003
i dont think you have to worry, a couple years ago CD-Rs have made a significant step in terms of reliability when burned. I never get a bad disc now days.


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Feb 6, 2003
London UK
In years of burning all kinds of discs (audio, film, data) I've never had any problems burning at the fastest available speed. I was told some time back that audio (aif, wav) files were safest burned at slow (x4 max) speeds, but I gave that practice up and now use 40+ without a hitch.

It may be that a few years ago this was an issue but I think this is now largely myth. My advice: burn at the fastest speed & if it's something really important then verify after - still quicker than snail-burns!
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