Burning an iMovie project from another computer

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    I have a MB with loads of hard drive space and Firewire, but a kaput DVD burner. I also have a MBP with about 60G remaining hard drive space, no Firewire but a lovely DVD burner.

    I imported some videos from VHS into the MB and want to burn to DVD. I'm not interested in chapters. I just want to be able to stick it in a DVD player and play it. Obviously I'll need to transfer it to the MBP to burn. There is very little editing to be done and I can do that on the MB. My question is: what is the easiest and quickest way to transfer it? I don't really want to transfer the enormous iMovie files, do I? Is there a way I can shrink it to fit on a single-layer DVD and transfer that file to the MBP? I have no idea about mpeg4 or other codecs.

    Thanks for any advice.
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    From iMovie, share to iDVD. From the iDVD Project Menu select Project Info and it will show how much disc space is required. You can change the quality of the project to try and get it on one single layer disc. An hour and a half is about the max.

    From iDVD's File Menu, choose Save As Disc Image. You can then take that image to your MBP and burn the disc.
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