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Discussion in 'Digital Video' started by gr8 skot, Feb 26, 2009.

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    Feb 20, 2009
    So recently i have been working with a lot of video. This is not really my thing and i find it a bit corn-fusing. I have found out how to work with video_ts files and there accompanying audio file but what i am having trouble with is when the movies are ripped from a DVD. The video i am trying to rip come from a work training dvd and i need to be able to rip it then put it on a DVD that will play on most DVD players. Problem is when i rip these files they are in .avi and the files i was handed from another person who was currently doing this job are in .mv4? So how do i get those rips to a DVD and keep the quality as the original DVD? I have tried DVD studio but that does not turn out to well. Can anybody help me with this dilemma?
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    I'd recommend converting the files to a program that your DVD burner app can read. If you're using iDVD for example, it requires video that can be opened in QuickTime. Try converting the video using HandBrake.
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    I do use Handbreak, and that is what gets me the .avi's and .mv4's. Problem is when i put thoes into DVD Studio, it comes out pixelated in contrast areas and is interlaced.

    Recently i have been using Mac the ripper and have been getting the video_ts files. When thoes are burnt in popcorn they come out looking like DVD quality. Im trying to replicate that quality from the avi/mv4 files as much as possible and keep files size reasonable
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    the main issue here is maintaining quality. you cannot keep the DVD quality of the original DVD if you have a ripped .avi file that is only 50% quality of the original file.. computers cant just make up things like that, if you want to have exactly the same quality get the original DVD and use MTR to copy it etc.

    to rip the .avi files to DVD (in DVD player format, commonly known as UDF) you will need to convert them to the correct format. Toast Titanium is the easiest way to do this, the program costs money but it is worth it.

    another way is to use a discontinued free program called iSquint. its very good at converting also.

    other free ways include using iMovie/iDVD to convert everything for you.
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    mpeg streamclip, baby

    Again I tout this awesome program. Copy the original DVD to your HDisk (for faster reencoding) Fire up MpgSC and export to other formats,

    QT movie - options - video settings - compression - Apple ProRes (regular quality should work fine)

    Get a coffee.

    Open FCP, import the resultant ProRes file; do whatever you have to (FCP friendly format, no rendering needed to play with, just make sure you allow FCP to change its settings to match clip)

    Export using compressor - settings: DVD, DVD: Best Quality, choose the appropriate setting based on your run time and drag the entire folder to the drop area hit submit

    Get a crumpet.

    Open DVDSpro and import the audio and video as assets and get on with authoring your DVD.

    Hope that helps,


    :/edit - I'm assuming you mean DVD Studio Pro when you mentioned DVD Studio in OP... if not then you'll need a different work flow, but MpgSC is a good thing to have regardless...

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