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burning dmg to disk (MAC)


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Aug 5, 2012
So recently I received a dmg with snow leopard on it, the only problem is when I go to disk utility to burn the dmg to the disk it has the superdrive set as the burn location. Then when I go to 'file' and manually burn it to the disk, It burns the dmg itself. (-----In other words after it finished burning the dmg onto the disk, I reinserted the disk. Only to see that the disk had the snow leopard dmg on it but not the files from the dmg. Because when I mount the dmg from the disk it isn't any different then mounting it from the computer.-----) Does anyone know how I can put the files from the dmg onto the disk, while still being able to activate the snow leopard installer (from the disk)?
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Dave Braine

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Mar 19, 2008
Warrington, UK
You won't get much help on here to try and use a version of SL that you didn't buy.

These habits can produce warnings and repeated violations can produce bans.
6. Warez/Serials/Keys. Do not post software serial numbers or keys or refer people to specific websites, software, or techniques whose purpose is to break or bypass software licensing methods, distribute cracks, or obtain or use commercial software or media in violation of its license and/or for copyright violation. Do not ask for or give such help.


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Aug 10, 2012
You won't get much help on here to try and use a version of SL that you didn't buy.

just because its a dmg doesn't mean he downloaded it from the web, in fact I made mine into a dmg because I was afraid I'd lose my disk (I have lost it).

But thebelt if you converted your disk into a dmg all you have to do is open is and select all of the files from the mounted dmg and burn it to the disk, this won't work for illegal downloads (they don't have correctly converted SL dmgs)
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