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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by dotdotdot, Dec 20, 2008.

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    I was wondering if anyone knows what choosing to be a business major in college entails, and what sorts of jobs I would be able to get once I finish college.

    Some professions seem clear cut to me, like lawyers work for law firms and doctors work for hospitals, teachers work for schools, etc. And it seems like those jobs are always easy to find and readily available. But for a business major, I have no idea how to get a job once college is over.

    Does anyone know?
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    I ran into trouble thinking that way. For an undergraduate pick something you enjoy and excel at it!
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    You can always check out the program's website. Often they have jobs recent graduates have gotten, or jobs that you'll be qualified for. Also, talk to the academic adviser for the program and ask about internships, etc. I know nothing about business degrees, so that's all the info I can give you! :)
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    talk to career counselors

    such a great resource
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    You can do quite a lot with a business major; you're thinking to specific and you're talking about all graduate degrees above, which tend to be much more focused.

    First off, what does a business major entail. Quite a lot actually, it is usually one of the majors with the most required courses. You'll take a lot of general business courses on pretty much any aspect of business you can imagine. You'll probably be required to take at least one finance course, at least one marketing course, at least one Human Resources type course, at least one Accounting course, a few economics courses, at least one statistics course, and probably a business law course. You'll get a rounded view of the different areas within "business." You'll also probably have to select an "emphasis," these can be any number of things: entrepreneurship, finance, accounting, management, marketing, IT, etc. Generally you should select something that you are most interested in doing; if you want to pursue an accounting career you'll either major in accounting or if that is unavailable do an accounting emphasis. You will take the majority of your business classes within that emphasis. For instance, as an Accounting major, I'm required to take Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Cost Accounting, Intermediate Accounting I & II, Advance Accounting, Auditing, Senior Seminar in Accounting, Tax I & II, and various other courses (I take almost all of the courses required for a regular business major in addition to special Accounting coursework).

    There are numerous jobs you can get, and they may not have anything to do with your "emphasis." Just because there isn't a specific title, ie Lawyer (which has numerous different areas within it) or docotor (which also has many "emphasis" areas) doesn't mean there aren't any jobs out there. You could be come an accountant, a marketing executive/associate, an investment banker, a stock broker, an account manager, a branding manager, a general manager of pretty much anything you can imagine, an IT guy for a small, medium, or large company, or various other things. There isn't always a clear cut title for what it is you are doing, but a business degree has a lot of flexibility when it comes to career choices and titles. You can also use the business degree to go onto graduate school in a number of disciplines.

    An undergrad business degree is a good degree. Its probably not the hardest out there, but it definitely isn't a cake walk and you will be required to take many general ed math, science, history, english, etc, courses. Overall I've enjoyed my business courses, I feel like I'm prepared for a wide range of situations I'll encouter in business and real life, plus I know how to account of things and others don't. :p

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