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Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by mgacam2, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Alright, so I'v always enjoyed business and all the aspects of it. I love to communicate deal figure out problems and be in charge. My question is what kind of career options do I have? I planned on getting my MBA. Where does that actually lead me? I'm trying to figure out my reasoning behind what I'm investing my time and money into. I find myself to be a very creative individual and hate math by the way, so accounting is not for me. Anyone have an idea's and what does an MBA actually give me? By the way I'm currently in undergrad for business and loving every minute of it.
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    Good thing to think about. I don't know why people say they plan on getting an MBA (the degree, not laptop) when they don't even know why they need it.

    You need it to differentiate yourself from the rest of the pack. Where you get your MBA is more important than where you got your undergrad business degree. Why? Because a business degree is so generic that, in a sense, you could learn these generic business lessons at any university, and receive the same level of coverage. You're not really more suited to the fun, challenging, rewarding jobs, since everyone else is on the same level you are. With a good old bachelor's degree in business, the only thing that may differentiate you from the other graduates from your university, and from others is your natural talent for functioning in a business atmosphere, and your focus, determination, and hard work. That's all that will make you special. These aren't things you learnt in school.

    If you want to make yourself stand out even more, you can show that you are academically more qualified for the good jobs by getting a good MBA from a good university. From what I have heard, the good schools will actually give you quite an incredible experience, and you will hone your skills and apply your knowledge. With regards to MBAs, each university WILL give you a very unique experience, and not a generic one. Of course, that depends on the university, and is why you shouldn't get it from an average university. Get it from a university with a great reputation for business. If you don't get into a good MBA program, then don't bother with an MBA and just work. Eventually, your chances of getting into an MBA program will be based on your work experience and what you have been doing in the business world rather than your previous education and grades.
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    I am also economy and management educated and enjoy business much... Me and my friends even have started our own business last summer.. :)
    I am about getting my master degree in Moscow State University (economic department, management division).. I am going to uphold my master thesis this May already..
    Ok, sorry, about MBA.. How old are you? If you have just finished University and don't have much work experience then you should delay MBA education.. I think people should get MBA degree after they have pretty much business experience already and start to feel that they have lack of knowledges in such and such sphere they involved into... Your MBA studying process will become more prudent and effective then.. :)
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    You're an undergrad. Thinking about an MBA program? You're jumping the gun. Most people aren't accepted fresh out of university, esp. at the top programs. Get a job that interests you and just work for a few years. What you do for a living depends on your interests, not necessarily your major.
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    Yeah. I've been doing research on it. The average age of MBA applicants at most schools is around 26+ years old. It is almost impossible for an undergrad (21 years old) to get accepted.

    Plus, it's really expensive. HBS is around $70,000 a year.
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    I know a few people that graduated with a degree in business.
    1. Accounting major works for a small company as accounts receivable. (very low paying)
    2. Graduated from Ohio State with a degree in business, couldn't get a job going back for a BS in computer science.
    3. A girl I worked with in undergrad at Sam's Club Graduated with a BS in business management and she was a team leader at Sams Club after 8 years of working there.

    I recommend specializing in your degree and doing everything you can to be THE best in what specialization you go into.
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    I just graduated in May (marketing major, undergrad b-school). I'm not sure how it is at other schools but are you just a general business major? At my uni, all business majors in the undergrduate b-school had to take a business core in addition to the university's core requirements. My degree was in marketing and I had a broad spectrum of required classes in finance, accounting, operations, economics, business ethics, etc. My advice:

    -Work during college. I know so many people who've just graduated and have ZERO work experience. Just a transcript and a piece of paper and wonder why they're not getting jobs.

    -What you may want to do is apply for some internships that interest you. I worked/took classes every summer of undergrad in different fields to test out what I wanted to do. If you're still in undergrad, don't waste your experience.

    -Keep in close contact with your professors/advisors/deans and your school's career center. My school had pretty good placement with many of the Big Four and other popular companies. There were always school sponsored networking events on campus to attend. Make sure to attend these events! That old motto of "it's not what you know but who you know" is not a lie in many cases. Many of my peers who interned were offered jobs summer before senior year even began.

    Anyway, I just graduated in May and got a consulting job. I know had it not been for the above steps, I'd still be wallowing in unemployment.

    You're thinking about the MBA too early. It's best to focus on now and eventually you'll get to that step. Don't jump the gun on an MBA without having actual work experience. Classroom and work environments differ completely.

    Just remember to be proactive. College is not just about going to classes. Take advantage of all your opportunities and good luck!

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