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    Aug 6, 2006

    Forrester's study examined 50,000 users, spread out among 2,300 companies.

    at the end of June

    87.1% for Windows XP
    8.8% for Vista
    4.5% for Macs, 80% of those are Intel-based Macs.
    0.5% for Linux


    19.4% for Firefox
    77.6% for IE, 63.5% of which is IE6.
    2.4% for safari

    Flash Player Version 9 was on 97% of desktops, while Java was on 99.9% of them

    Cautious about the data:

    1. this is business users survey, I don't have data to say how much % of computer users are business users.
    2. Its unclear if this is world-wide representative data, or largely US based.
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    Dec 19, 2004
    That seems to be about what I would expect based on other statistics I have seen from the past. Though I do wonder is if this data is just large companies or if it includes small 1 to 2 person businesses as well.

    Hopefully as MS closes the doors on XP and those aging machines get replaced the Apple to Vista ratio remains the same. Then we can enjoy spyware and viruses as hackers start targeting Macs too, woot!:rolleyes:
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    the full report charges $100+, .... maybe has more details, if somebody would like to payyyyyy...:)

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