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    I am a relatively new user on here and want to say thank you in advance to anyone who is able to provide any sort of help. I recently purchased a 15 inch Aluminum Powerbook G4 with the model number A1106. The computer works fine with an external monitor but the LCD is showing some strange graphics. The backlight seems to be working fine because the Apple on the lid brightens and dims when you brighten and dim the LCD screen. Please take a look at the pictures I have uploaded on flickr and see if you have ever seen anything like it before. I can't tell if it is dead pixels or if it is clouding. I also need to tighten the hinges in the back of the LCD to fix the wobbly screen as seen in the video I have put on Youtube.



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    Differences in LCDs for a powerbook


    I recently posted a thread about a Busted LCD on a powerbook.

    I currently have model A1106 15" Powerbook with 1.67GHz/1GBRAM/80GB/Superdrive

    It also has the 128MB Video Card in it.

    When I look up the serial number, I come up with

    Serial number: W853418XSQ7
    Name: PowerBook G4 (Aluminum Model 2005)
    Model: M9677 PowerBook G4 1.67GHz
    Bus speed: 167MHz
    Screen size: 15 inch
    Memory - number of slots: 2
    Factory: W8 (Shanghai China)

    This led me to the website PowerBook G4 (12-inch 1.5 GHz, 15-inch 1.67/1.5GHz, 17-inch 1.67 GHz) - Technical Specifications

    Here, I have been looking at the different displays offered for the 15 inch powerbooks. Can I use any display from 1.0 Ghz through 1.5 Ghz? From the looks of it, I don't have the M9969LL/A model which has the 1.67 Ghz processor and the 15.2-inch (diagonal), 1440 x 960 resolution, TFT widescreen. I was looking on ebay and came across the following listing:

    eBay Listing

    In his listening, he says that it will not work with the late A1106. Is this guy right?

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