Buster's Catch - An in-depth egg catch game like no other [306 Designs]

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    Jun 19, 2011
    Hey all,

    The new release from 306 Designs, Buster's Catch, was just released at midnight. The game is the result of my efforts over the last few months. The game features a global egg count that is tracking the total number of eggs caught by everyone around the world. Also, there is a full-fledged marketplace included where you can buy new costumes, settings, and bonuses to help you out as you level up in the game. The game features multiple kinds of eggs that each must be handled differently and also multiple bonus games that you can earn.

    I feel like I've left the game open-ended in the sense that future updates will be able to add bonus games, egg types, new things in the marketplace. I've improved in ever aspect of game development since the start of this.

    Any feedback and support would be great. I'd like to hear thoughts and ideas from fellow developers. :)


    iTunes Link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/busters-catch/id514509572?ls=1&mt=8







    Let me know if you check it out and I will return the favour.
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    Jun 19, 2011
    Hey everyone,

    Version 1.0.1 was just released. It fixes most of the known errors brought up to me after the release of the game. There have been a whopping 232,000 eggs caught around the world since the game's release, according to the in-game counter.

    The next update for the game is going to introduce a bunch of new content. I am planning new attires, settings, bonus games, and egg types. I'd love feedback if you guys have any ideas for what you'd like to see in the game. As a thanks to Macrumors, I want to give you guys some promo codes just to check out the game. Let me know if you try the game out!

    Download if from your iPhone or check it out here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/busters-catch/id514509572?mt=8



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