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Discussion in 'iOS Programming' started by newtoiphonesdk, Oct 25, 2011.

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    I have a ViewController with a UIPickerView loaded from a NSMutableArray. I also have a UIBarButtonItem for an IBAction. What I would like to do is have the IBAction do different things, depending on what is selected in the UIPickerView. I first tried this:
    -(IBAction)compose {
        if ([options objectAtIndex:0]) {
            [self displayComposerSheet];
        if ([options objectAtIndex:1]) {
                [self displayComposerSheet2];
        if ([options objectAtIndex:2]) {
            [self displayComposerSheet3];
    This doesn't change anything, and will only pull displayComposerSheet, and none of the others. If I try to change the if statement to:
    if ([options objectAtIndex:row])
    I am informed that row has not been declared, though I set it up using NSInteger and void methods earlier. How can I get this one button to perform different actions based on what the uipickerview shows?
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    I might not be the best person to help you since I am still learning but your if statements don't appear to do anything so it can't evaluate to TRUE or FALSE. Your saying if ([options objectAtIndex:0]) that seems to be the first part but the part you are evaluating it to is not there. It does not look like a BOOL but I could be wrong.

    BOOL car = TRUE;
    if (car){
       NSLog@"It's a car";
    Or what you have should be something like this. I am not infront of Xcode so it might be a little off.
    if ([options objectAtIndex:0] isEqualToString:@"Yoda"]) {
        do something;
    if (a > b){
        do something;
    Your just kind of saying
    if (a){
    and I don't think that is a BOOL value in which case nothing will happen since you didn't tell it to do anything.
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    Instead of just "if" statements, try "if/else if" statements or even a "switch" statement.
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    if ([options objectAtIndex:0])
    This is true if there is an object at index 0 of options, regardless of whether the user has selected that object or not.

    What you actually want in that place is more along the lines of:

    if ([options selectedRowInComponent:0] == 0)
    The selectedRowInComponent: method will return what the user has selected. You have to specify component 0, because though your picker may not utilize it, some pickers have multiple components. IE, a time picker has one component for selecting the hour and a second component for selecting the minute.


    switch ([options selectedRowInComponent:0])
    case 0: ...
    would work pretty well.

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