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Jan 28, 2013
Ebay is having a 15% off sale today and I was able to find a used 10.5 iPad that comes to 365 after the discount. I was initially planning on waiting until after the event to see either what the new one has or what prices do, but I am leaning toward getting it since that appears to be a pretty great price for one. Would you guys wait or spring at a price like that?


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Oct 22, 2012
I ended up grabbing it! Hopefully it isn't too banged up from being used, lol. I'm not too worried as it was described as being in reasonably good shape and I am not a stickler for perfection.

As long as it’s in good condition this was a good deal. The new iPad Pro will likely cost 2x. For nearly all of us, I can’t imagine a slightly larger screen and Face ID are worth $350.
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