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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by ntvandyken, May 10, 2010.

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    May 8, 2010
    I have always used macs my whole life. Love them, great, reliable, and you definitely pay for the quality of the machine. I love games. and as everyone says, apple and games don'tt mix bla bla. i know both sides of the story.

    i bought the i7 imac, for many reasons. A great monitor, amazing processor, amazing adaptability of various programss and use of my iphone,amongstt other things likeboot camp.. I bought it for a great all in one machine that will do basic everything i can every think of except high end performance gaming.

    now, my definition of high performance gaming it probably allot different than other people's opinion.

    im pretty sure i can be happy with medium settings, maybe a lower resolution, hell maybe window it and talk to friends in the background.

    but my problem is, if the screen is big enough, i might have this itch going, man, i wish i can up the graphics and see what this game can do.

    everyone keeps talking about the limitation of the i7 imac. But what are those people demanding? ultra high setting that can beat the graphics of an x box 3x? im confused on people perception of what is bad and what is except able when it games to gaming on the i7 imac.

    i have considered only spending maybe $1500 of a 20 inch monitor and a $1000 gaming rig just for video games. but i loose the flexibility of having a mac and feeling like theirs no limitations of programs and adaptability my all in one machine can do.

    I'm in the military and having something compact and easily movable is very appealing to be. Iv always been attracted to the imac for that reason. my only problem is, will it satisfy my gaming needs? will i down the line maybe have to buy a gaming rig for games and run it through my imac monitor? yea, i have considered it. But if ill be happy spending almost half the money buying something just for games. Wont be an all in one deal, have the tower than a monitor.

    i ordered an imac 27" i7 and it is probably shipping tomorrow. not to late to cancel it. I tried to rant on a littleee bit in this thread to many show you guys what type of person i am because im noentirelylyy sure if this imac is for me or get a cheaper gaming rig. maybe im trying to feel better for spending amounts of money for this "all in one" machine. i just want input. I don't trust talking to apple or what not, they all one sided and will force me to get a mac anyways. i trust you guys, this sight, for your advice and details.

    any advice would be highly appreciated, and thank you in advance for reading.
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    Dec 10, 2008
    You could always get a Mac Mini and PS3/X360...

    iMacs play games okay but many people are used to have high-end gaming rig to get extreme graphics and more importantly, upgradeability. You don't have to buy a whole new rig when upgrading, sometimes just new GPU is enough.

    Check your old thread for portable gaming rig

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