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  1. rugmankc, Feb 19, 2016
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    Is there a way to purchase your selected/downloaded albums/songs while in AM? If not, would be a good feature.

    I am trialing it now and like it so far, no issues. But being older with a narrower genre list, I can't see paying 10.00 a month when I already have all/most of the music I may want. I think that when I cancel AM the songs will remain on my rMBP and iPhone, but greyed out. I could at that time select certain ones to buy from iTunes or print out a screenshot of the music and use it to buy from.
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    I found this, but doesn't have option. Maybe only available if you subscribe. Or, somewhere to turn on in settings on rMBP. Not at mac now.
  2. Tech198, Feb 22, 2016
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    This option "Show in iTunes Store" is available yes as a member.


    .. but the Apple music catalog and whats on the iTunes store are two separate.

    That is,,, not all albums/songs (exact versions) available to stream with Apple music are available in the iTunes Store in the same country, and visa vera.

    greyed out songs will only appear in few situations:

    - if they appear in your playlist, but no longer can be played due to license expired. (basically Apple removed it from the server, but the song still exists in your playlist as "greyed out".. Its up to user to remove fro their playlist, (I wish it were automatic but its not) or

    - You download Apple music songs so u can listen without internet connection, but then cancel Apple music at the end of the billing period/free trial. Those offline songs will get deleted from device..

    This only applies to Apple music, not the iTunes store, so if u "Show in iTunes" as above, you'll be directed to the iTunes Store so u can "buy it"......and thus be like buying any album, u'll keep it as that has noting to do with Apple music streaming.
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    Sep 24, 2014
    Thanks Tech198,

    I do get "Show In iTunes Store" on my Mac.

    Thanks for all the info, still not sure on continuing it, will see.

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