Buy CS2, or wait for CS3? (Upgrade cost?)

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by hotwire132002, Jan 25, 2007.

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    Here's my issue --

    I just got my MacBook Pro back from AppleCare, and unfortunately it ended up needing a hard drive replacement. I had all my documents backed up, but obviously need to install software.

    Up until now, I've been using Photoshop Elements (2.0! :eek:), but I figure it's about time to upgrade to the real thing... especially considering that I seem to have lost my Photoshop Elements disc.

    I'd buy CS2 right now, but my concern is that I'll have to pay $600 or so to upgrade when CS3 comes out in a couple months. My understanding is CS3 will be out "Spring 2007" -- anytime between March and June; is this correct? What sort of pricing does Adobe typically have for an upgrade like this -- for instance, what did it cost to upgrade from CS to CS2?

    One last question for Photoshop veterans -- When CS3 does come out, would it be smart to wait it out anyway, to avoid the sort of "first gen" bugs and such? I would assume not... as Photoshop has been around a long time, but I could be wrong here.

    Thanks for any advice!

    ... and I see they added an Apple smiley! :apple: :apple: :apple: :cool: :D
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    If I recall (don't quote me) the upgrade cost from the full creative suite 1 premium to creative suite 2 premium was $500ish
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    It's $499 to upgrade from elements to just CS2. The normal Phostoshop upgrade is $169, which is also an option for for Photoshop 7. $749 if you want to move from to the suite, but that's not applicable for Elements.

    Chances are if you did buy now, you would still jump on the CS3 bandwagon early on, because of the performance advantages. So just wait for CS3. CS2 runs less than stellar on a MacBook. ;)

    Anyway, when CS3 comes out, you should buy "CS" from one of these various close-out software shops online, and then buy a CS3 upgrade. This is the cheapest route. Most of these places also sell bundles. My friend did this for his business. If it were an option when I first bought PS for myself, it's the route I would have taken.

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    CS3 beta is out now. Anyone who has CS2 is able to download and use CS3 Beta right now. People are saying that CS3 is about 60% faster then CS2 in Intel Macs.

    Did you register PSE? If so Adobe may let you buy CS2 for the upgrade price, giving you credit for what you spent for PSE.
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    The speed is nice, but there are lots and lots of bugs in the beta. Even basics like resizing still have issues, so you still need to drop back to CS2 for some tasks.

    There are two FAQ stickies in their support forum with a list of the problems.

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