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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Macer, May 2, 2006.

  1. Macer macrumors regular

    May 2, 2006
    I ordered an intel imac about 3 weeks ago and when it turned up it was noisy and had a chip out of the plastic so it went back and a replacement came. The replacement came and it was so quiet when it was idle, just like my G5 when that is idle, the problem was that this was also faulty. It had a black mark on the screen, so again apple swapped it. The 3rd one turned up today and yes you have guessed it, it too was faulty. The plastic casing was not attached to the tft properly, i could actually pull the plastic away from the screen, and this was at the sides and the bottom but the bottom was really the wost part just by the logo. It was silent though like the second imac, i would just like to point out that 2 of the 3 imacs were silent and 1 was making a horid noise. I just wanted to mention the noise part as i have read about people having noisy intel imacs. Anyway back to the point, since this 3rd intel imac is going to have to go back, should i keep my 2.0ghz G5 and wait until the next version of the intel imac comes out or just get the one that is out now. And does anyone have any idea or speculation on when the next revision of the intel imac will be out.
  2. FF_productions macrumors 68030


    Apr 16, 2005
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    Bad luck...I'd keep bugging Apple and try to get the Intel...
  3. daneoni macrumors G4


    Mar 24, 2006
  4. Macer thread starter macrumors regular

    May 2, 2006
    Well i suppose it would do no harm it getting my cash back as i don't really need a new computer yet anyway. The imac G5 will last me for a few years easy, and by that time the intel ones will have all their little problems ironed out and have better chips in them. I also have read rumors about the imac getting updated sometime this year maybe June or August. Just wanted other peoples opinons on the imac not pointless replys.
  5. FFTT macrumors 68030


    Apr 17, 2004
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    Since you already have a G5 iMac, I'd hold out for the Merom, Conroe models.

    I'm really surprised to hear that you're having such bad luck.
  6. ikonq macrumors member

    Apr 30, 2006
    It really sucks that you've had such bad luck. Try talking to apple directly, or kicking up a mild fuss at a retail store. if you start with a guilt-trip sort of attitude, apple will usually cave, and Apple Customer Service may give you a better model.
  7. aswitcher macrumors 603


    Oct 8, 2003
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    Thats what I am doing. I expect the RevB might also get some other tweaks apart from a better faster chipset - like decent quiet cooling, and maybe things like 802.11n wireless, cheaper, better graphics card options, better higher resolution screens (like the macbook pros to catch up with the likes of Dell) and even come in black. I figure they did the basic guts to get the intel rev out as soon as possible and will now be putting together the machine that it really should have been.
  8. brikeh macrumors 6502a


    Jan 24, 2006
    I really should stop reading posts like these, it seems apple are putting out 70% chinese supermarket crap.

    I had my iMac g5 replaced three times, when the third one started acting up I said: Give me a refund. I bought a powerbook instead, its in the shop now being repaired. It just works my ass. :rolleyes:
  9. Artful Dodger macrumors 68020

    Artful Dodger

    May 28, 2004
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    Well I went through a few (5-6 I have a thread about this) 20" Intel iMacs to get mine, problem was a miss labeled box, thought I was getting the 256Vram but ended up 128Vram. I bought it through Amazon and saved some money and had good CS.
    I've heard that the lcds had problems but as to how many ? If you have an iMac then wait but if you "NEED" the Intel then get it, just keep trying.
    Also what size are you trying to get? The 17" or 20", my 20" is very quiet, sometimes I run my hand around it to make sure the fans are working correctly :cool: That would be just my luck, a bad fan ;) But back to you, I've had both the iMac G5 and now the Intel. The only reason I sold my G5 and bought the Intel was I needed the 20" screen more than the 17" because I have my Flash stage set somewhat large. If your going to stick with the stock config. you might want to try Amazon, save some cash with no tax and the rebate (you fill out online).
    I guess it really comes down to can you wait? I would if I were you but as many times as you've stayed in the game (sending all these back) only you know how bad you want it ;) :D
  10. Macer thread starter macrumors regular

    May 2, 2006
    I phoned up Apple today and they are going to replace the unit. I am getting the 17" with a 250gb hard drive and a 1gb stick of ram. Hopefully this one won't have a noisy fan or any defects, if it does i will have to give up and get my money back. Then i wil just stick with the G5 until the next imac comes out. Anybody want to buy an imac G5?

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