Buy new refreshed 27" iMac or keep my late 2008 15" MacBook Pro?


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Jul 18, 2010
Boston, MA
Hey All - I currently have a late 2008 15" MacBook Pro. It's a great computer and satisfies all of my needs except for one, a big gorgeous display.

I had originally planned on getting the 24" LED Cinema Display but kept putting it off due to the high cost and now here we are a year and a half later. So, it doesn't make sense for me to buy a brand new display for a computer that is likely 50% through its life cycle (for me anyway).

Since the MacBook Pro never leaves my apartment, I've been thinking of just trying to sell it and springing for a Core i5 27" iMac instead, assuming the Core i5 becomes standard on the entry level 27" iMac soon. Do you guys think:

a.) The Core i5 will be that much better than my 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo?
b.) The lack of room-to-room mobility and net cost of ~$800 is worth that big gorgeous display?

I'm thinking an iMac would look great on my desk (check out the pic) and I can just use my iPhone 4 for surfing the web in bed and on my couch.:p

Any advice from iMac owners would be great. Thanks!



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Jun 14, 2010
Well, judging by the look of the front page articles on MR today, we could very well be seeing an iMac update tomorrow.

If that's the case, see what the refreshed model will offer.

Otherwise, definitely go with the 27". You got a nice big display, excellent processor, and since you really never took your MBP out of your apartment, by all means go with the iMac.


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Jul 31, 2007
You don't have to buy an Apple Display...

I mean, there is lot of great and affordable display on the market right now, i'm quite sure you don't need to pay 1000$ for a screen.


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Jun 9, 2009
Northern California
I pretty much did that...

I just sold my 2007 Macbook 15" and 20" Apple Cinema Display and bought a refurbished i5 27". Basically paid $400 for it after the sales. As of now, I am very happy I did. Like you, my MBP rarely got up from its desk.
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