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Discussion in 'iMac' started by applefiend95, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. applefiend95 macrumors regular

    Jan 25, 2012
    Hi everybody,
    I am looking to but an iMac that will last me quite a while. I am currently using a PC and my usage are as follows:

    Premier pro (sometimes)
    Graphing softwares
    Internet Brwosing
    Watching movies

    *I am using a HP Compaq 6710b, Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz 4GB RAM 320GB HDD, and 250GB external HDD
    Which iMac do you think will suit my needs? Which ever model i buy, i will be adding an extra 4-8GB RAM myself, only because i like things to work fast and dont want to wait for application to boot up slowly. I also prefer large screens only because all my books are on my computer and i have a hard time reading text and then typing simultaneously.
    On the Mac, I will most likely be using the same softwares:

    Premier Pro
    Graphing softwares
    web browsing
    watching movies

    If you read my first post, i want a computer that will last me quite some time since i will be using it for University purposes and dont want the hassle of switching half way through. Please let me know if i should buy an iMac right now or wait for the refresh. also which model would best suit my needs?
    Thanks in advance.
    HP Compaq 6710b, Core 2 Duo 2.1 GHz 4GB RAM 320GB, iPhone 4S black 16GB, iPad 1 32GB :apple:
  2. leman macrumors G3

    Oct 14, 2008
    Did you notice taht there are three threads with virtually the same title on the main page of these forums? Just get any iMac, it will do everythign you want just fine.
  3. NextGenApple macrumors regular

    Oct 10, 2011
    Plenty of threads about this, the current iMac & yet to be released iMac would blow your current set up to pieces. The current base 21.5 iMac if you were to buy would be sufficient for you're needs , but if you wanted bigger HD 1TB then the one up could be your option with 5%-10% cpu increase and better graphics card.

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