Buy phone, or give it back?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by YouGoGlenCocoa, Nov 9, 2015.

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    Sep 18, 2013
    Who just buys their phones from at&t or verizon after 12 months of next, or edge or jump or whatever? I bought my 5s for about $175 by paying off the remaining balance last year when i got my 6+. Now im going to get a 6s+ and i owe $299.00 and i was wondering who would buy it out or just give it back?

    Also, i want to buy this phone and my wife's from apple instead of at&t because applecare is included and we can save by opting out of at&t insurance (not worried about loss or theft). Will save us $15 a month.

    ... Does at&t try to do anything stupid? Like, "oh well since you arent leasing your phones thru at&t now you have to pay for your plan and $30 per line access fee instead of $15" or anything like that?

    Any and all help is appreciated
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    Sep 29, 2014
    No, AT&T will not do that. You pay based on bringing a phone or using Next or having a two-year contract which is rare anymore. Your monthly price will remain the same for your devices.

    As for buying, I turned my last phone in versus trying to sell it. Just easier for me. More expensive I guess since I could have bought it out, sold it and came out ahead but I just didn't want to bother.
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    Sep 18, 2013

    Thank you for your time! Does it sound stupid to lease two phones with apple to recieve apple care+ for free so i can stop paying the $15 a month for two phone's insurance through at&t?
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    Nothing is for free.

    If u tally the apple care $129 price into the equation. U essentially pay full msrp for the iPhone 6s Plus pay full msrp for Apple care $129 after 24 payments to Apple.

    Also remember u can get Apple care ur self for $129. U can always return Apple care before the 12 months is up and Apple will refund u 50% of Apple care cost.

    So lots of factors.

    If you plan on continually trading ur iPhone in every 12 months. Than the Apple leasing program at around $40.75 a month (includes Apple care) isn't a bad deal assuming iPhone 6s 64gb model. This assumes u trade it in at 12 months.

    Vs ATT next 12 (payments spread over 20 months) at around $42/month (iPhone 6s plus 64gb model). Att only lets u upgrade every 12 months via next at this $42/month price point.

    If u were to do att next 18/24 than if u want a new iPhone every 12 months u would be required to pay more at the month 12 to make up the difference since ur payments are less than the $42 a month (assuming iPhone 6s Plus 64gb model)

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