Buy unlocked iPhone from ebay UK, use in other countries too?

Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by roisin and mac, Nov 8, 2008.

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    Feb 3, 2008
    Okay, first of all I do hope I haven't bungled this by putting it into the wrong forum <g>

    Second, I'll need to elaborate on the title of the thread because it really doesn't tell you much actually.

    In the next few months I will be doing a lot of traveling around, mainly abroad although all within europe. Right now I'm trying to plan things out nicely and streamline things so I don't have a ton of different gadgets to cart around and making sure what I do have works well together. I already have a little ipod nano which I use mainly for music around town every day, and my mac is a macbook not a desktop so I'm set, and I use the wireless MM even at home so no reducing needed there.

    But I kind of need something in between the laptop and the nano, both for entertainment and for functions like an address book and calendar functions that are more advanced than the nano's but more portable than on the macbook, as well as some internet access for checking flights and train times, and browsing simple things for times when hauling out the laptop is impractical or even unsafe. Basically the solution is probably to get a handheld device, like a smartphone or a portable media player with lots of extras. Obviously then, the iphone is bound to be a big contender, because it's sure to work well with my mac so I can put my address book on there along with both my calendars (home and work), as well as make changes unlike on the nano, it has a browser I'm sure I'll be finding easy to use as I've had ample opportunity to try it on the ipod touch, and it even has a camera that lets me do stuff like take pictures of card receipts to be checked against bank statements rather than drag them all around with me (I will be taking separate cameras with me, but they're my film kit, and having a camera on a phone saves me hauling my digital point-and-shoot just for 'housekeeping' type tasks).

    But I'd need to find one that's unlocked, because even though it is available in my home country locked into Vodafone, I'll hardly ever be using it here so it would be too expensive and too restrictive to get it on a two-year contract when most of that year will be spent abroad using various other sim cards from three or four countries. I have found that there are iphones on sale on ebay uk that are advertised as unlocked, including one that says 'works with orange, vodafone, and o2', but the seller wasn't sure whether it would work outside of the UK. That's what I want to ask you guys because this phone, which is used and has some cosmetic damage and sold by a fairly new member, could be a great opportunity for me as the bidding will likely not go too high :)
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    Feb 3, 2008
    Oh riiight, so what about all the 'unlocked' iphones being advertised on ebay (including the one I've found) are they bogus claims? While the guy didn't know whether it would work in other eu countries other than Britain, he was pretty positive it worked across several network, which I took as a sign it was unlocked? 'cause I kind of admit I may be better off with a dirt cheap second-hand smartphone of some other kind for the upcoming traveling if I can only get the previous iphone; then I rethink things later. What do you think?

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