Buyer Beware: iTunes Match ate 300 of my songs.

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    Jul 10, 2007
    I subscribed to Match when it came out. I have 18,000+ songs. About half of them were lower quality than 256, but matched with Apple. So I downloaded the higher quality Apple copies and permanently deleted my old crappy copies.

    Everything seemed fine until this month when I bought a new Mac Mini to use as a dedicated iTunes server for my home stereo. I copied my library to it and turned on Match. Everything went ok, but about 30 songs were stuck in waiting mode, for 2 weeks.

    I called Apple and they suggested many things, none of which worked. Then I found a blog where a possible solution was posted. It entailed creating a new blank library, turning on iTunes Match, deleting all the songs from the cloud in batches of 999, effectively resetting iTunes Match. I did that, then brought my previous library back and rematched all my music.

    This time, instead of 30 tracks stuck in waiting mode, I have 300+ error tracks. A quick sampling of a bunch of them shows they are truncated, though the file size seems normal. They play for anywhere between a few seconds to 75% of the way through, then skip to the next track or stop.

    Since these are 256kbps Matched songs, they came from Apple. Either Apple is distributing corrupt tracks, or the corruption occurred on download. A check of the songs on my old computer confirms they were truncated there too, so it didn't happen during the transfer of my library. Yet, when I was originally downloading them from Apple, I got no warning, error or timeout messages, and iTunes never marked the tracks as having errors.

    So I traded some lower quality music for Apple's higher quality versions, but those files are now corrupt. I can't re-download them. iTunes won't Match them because they have an error flag. I can see them in the Cloud, but they are greyed out and unplayable.

    So, a word of caution...if you plan to replace lower bitrate files with Apple 256 matched files, check each file you get from Apple before you trash the lower quality copies.

    I am waiting to hear from Apple as to whether they will supply me with fresh copies of these tracks, since they clearly have them available, but I'm guessing their bureaucratic layers won't let it happen. If I want this music back, I'm probably looking at spending $300 to get it.
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    Feb 7, 2013
    Match was a good idea in principle. It's a shame it's QUICKLY becoming another Apple service to go the way of the dinosaurs. I've already seen them neglecting it. I wouldn't be surprised if in a year it was already gone.

    I too doubt your going to get them from Apple.

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