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Discussion in 'iPhone Accessories' started by Azxster, Jun 9, 2010.

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    I would like to honestly share my experience about (Steinheil).

    Based on the numerous positive reviews in the Forums at MacRumors, I placed an order for my iPad and iPod Touch films at SGP. Three weeks later (SGP took forever to ship the product since I ordered a skin from Bestskinsever at the same time and it arrived in less than two weeks; shipping from China to Canada does not even take 3 weeks), I received a bashed up package. Fortunately, the iPad film was not creased; the packaging at BSE is a lot better because it is shipped in a hard envelope.

    I ordered a Crystal Clear film for my iPod Touch 1G but I received the film for a 2G/3G. I sent an email to customer service explaining my situation but did not receive a response. So I sent another email a few days later and the Representative responded with an apology and stated that they will ship the correct product.

    Two weeks later, I received the same product as originally, which is not the product I ordered. I emailed the Representative and she asked me to send her a photo of the product I received. I did and she claims that the product they shipped is the correct one. It isn't because I opened the package and placed it on top of the iPod Touch 1G; it was slightly too big. I emailed her back requesting for a refund and how to return the product but did not receive a response. A few days later, I emailed again and I still have not received a response.

    Now, I am going to trim the film and try to make it fit but I shouldn't because the packaging states "size to specifically fit the mobile device!" Will I buy from SGP again? Highly unlikely due to their bad customer service (or false advertising) and there are alternatives (PowerSupport and BodyGuardz).
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    That sucks. There are better ones. My xoskins for my ipad came in a hard capped tube. There was no way the bumbling post office could crush it, unless they ran over it with a fork lift. I guess bse is upping their packaging. I ordered one form them years ago and it came in a paper envelope.
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