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Discussion in 'Buying Tips and Advice' started by Jonx, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Jonx macrumors 6502


    Nov 6, 2004

    I need a new mac so I'm gonna go with iMac 20" 2.4Ghz, I heard so much about screen and freezing issues kinda scared to order :( are those problems solved yet?

    I know those problems are somewhat rare on 24" but my budget is limited and I can only afford 20". So i'd like to hear from you guys about your experience regarding 20" alu imac :)

  2. mike1123 macrumors 6502


    Sep 19, 2007
    I'm pretty sure the freezing issue is no longer a concern. As for the screen, the 20" screen is a lower quality screen, but I think that unless you are obsessive over screens or do some serious professional photo work, it will be just fine.
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    Nov 28, 2007
    The good & bad of 20" iMacs

    The previous reply is correct.

    I bought a 2.4 GHz 20" iMac in October and have never had a freezing problem. Software Update didn't offer me the freezing fix when it became available. So you can assume the freezing problems have gone.

    Complaints about the screen (in Apple's forums) go all the way back to the August release. Apple denies any problem on the phone and someone managed to get a candid comment from a Genius that they're cheap screens for home users, not professional use. Assume this problem is not going to be fixed. None of the 'media' have gone in to bat for us on this the way they did for the freezing issue - so apparently Apple can't be pressured on this. They'd have to replace every screen sold. It's not going to happen.

    I have the colour (Aussie spelling) graduation problem - too dark at the top, OK in the middle and too faded at the bottom. There is no fix for this. I did an Expert Calibration and I'm happier with the screen, but it's not fixed. None of Apple's fixes have improved the situation.

    In normal use, it's not a big deal - tiny text looks a bit scrappy if it's in the bottom third of the screen. If you're doing professional colour work, DON'T BUY one.

    If it's at all possible, save up a little longer and get a 24", since having my problem, I've looked at a lot of display models and they're much better.

    That said - I love my iMac and the glossy screen looks much better than the matte screens. They look dull and outdated to me. I have a friend who does Pro colour work on his (white) 20" iMac and he doesn't have the screen problem, so it's disappointing Apple went this way for the aluminum iMacs.

    I like my screen better than the 23" cinema display, which IS suitable for Pros, but is not to my taste.

    NOW, there are RUMOURS that the whole Apple line is getting an upgrade in January after the MacWorld. If you can wait that long, the screens MAY be improved. Given the angst created by these screens, it's possible Apple will quietly 'fix' the issue in the next release.

    In an otherwise OUTSTANDING computer, the screen is a disappointment, but in some respects, an improvement on previous screens.

    All the display models have this problem. If you want to see it, set the desktop to a mid -blue or green colour and look at the colour graduation from top to bottom. That's as bad as it gets. Then you can make a decision.

    Save up for a 24", wait 'till MacWorld in January & research all over again, or buy now, forewarned.

    Good Luck.
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    Nov 6, 2004
    thanks for the input guys :)

    I'll take your advice and wait for the next revision, I'm going to be using for a long time and i dont want to buy now and regret it every minute I work it :)

    Thanks again :D
  5. jonswan macrumors regular

    Jul 26, 2007
    Of course we can't tell you whether yours will be perfect as Apple like all other companies does not have a 100% success rate, but I can certainly say that my 20 inch 2.0 with 3 GB ram bought in Sept works like a dream + the screen is in no way defective or lacks quality.

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