Buying a digital camera


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Jun 27, 2006
Rhode Island
I love taking pictures, lot's of pictures, and making them look perfect in iPhoto. It's so much fun! The only thing is, I don't have my own digital camera. What kind of camera whould you suggest to a 17 year old with $300 to spend. I'm looking for a inexpensive camera that's not total garbage.


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Apr 2, 2006
My Brother has a Canon Powershot SD400 "digital elph"

i would HIGHLY reccomend it, he takes some VERY good pictures with it, and it has decent resolution (i think). very small which is good cause you can keep it with you all the time, for around school/college.
he's never had any problems with it.
However it uses a rechargeable battery (not sure if you prefer that or one-use duracel or whatever)


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Oct 31, 2003
The best way to determine the quality of a camera is to look at the photos that it produces. There are several websites that review many many digitial cameras and take pictures with them under mostly the same lighting conditions so that you can compare. This is only practical way that you can get an idea of how one camera performs against another. Here are some of my favorites digitial camera sites:

When comparing images be sure to look at the full size images not just the thumbnails. Once you have found a camera whos pictures you like. Everyone will have a different opinion on what looks good. The next step is to go to a store and hold the camera in your hands. Play with the menu system and see if it makes sense to you. Also determine if the camera comfortable for you to hold. Finally go to a reputable online seller like newegg, BH photo, buydig, there are others, and buy the camera. You will often find that the internet prices much cheaper than in regular brick and mortar stores.

Hope this helps, do your research and you'll get a camera that you are happy with. Good luck. :)


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Feb 4, 2003
New HAMpshire
I have a sony W50 and love it! It cost me $202 plus the $89 2GB memory stick- then I purchased an extra battery for $39 on Amazon. Takes terrific pics, has been rated quite high by most people and is very small.


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Jun 18, 2006
I have a Kodak Z740 and I love it! I bought it almost a year ago and it cost $299 then.


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Jul 24, 2002
I had 2 or 3 Canons in a row. They are great little cameras but they take very noisy pictures in low light conditions.

I recently bought a Fuji F30. It's great, takes fantastic pictures in all light conditions, even more or less total darkness.


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Dec 27, 2002
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I have a Canon SD model, and if I were to get another, it wouldn't be Canon. There's nothing wrong with my Canon, but I wouldn't have any trouble switching to another company. I'd likely look at Fuji, Samsung, or Olympus (the updated MJU 720 waterproof (up to around 16 ft/5 metres!!) and shockproof camera).

Glen Quagmire

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Jan 6, 2006
I've had a couple of Sony point-and-shoot models, both of which have been pretty good. My next camera purchase will be the Canon EOS 400D (a DSLR).


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Jul 22, 2006
I also have a Sony DSC-W50. I think it takes great pictures. My flickr account is here if you want to check them out (note: not all my flickr pics were taken with my W50, the ones in Wash DC and Europe were with an older sony P&S).