Buying a foreign mac


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Jul 10, 2005
I saw a good deal on a 2.7 ghz powermac and 20" apple acd display from an online auction site, one problem the guy is located in Germany which uses a 220 volt power supply. Will the powermac be a 220 volt mac? Do power macs have a switch for the 2 modes? Will I have to buy a converter to use this? Or are all macs just 110 volt and he is using a power converter? Or is this just not a good idea in general because it won't work? Also would the keyboard be any different? The os? Any advice would be appreacted.



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Jun 29, 2005
there is too much risk for this object to buy it. Use your common sense, and avoid this product.


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Dec 27, 2002
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I don't believe PowerMacs are dual voltage. All notebooks are, obviously. iMacs used to be dual voltage, but the new pizza-box iMacs aren't dual voltage. eMacs......not sure, but I don't believe they are. And PowerMacs were never dual voltage, or haven't been for a long time. And unlike a Powerbook, you can't just buy another AC Adapter as readily.

And I wouldn't rely on a voltage converter full-time.