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May 26, 2005
Im sure i all ready know the answer to this but the more the info the better. I have been lookin on ebay for a g5 mac 2.5mhz. I was wondering if anyone had experance with buying from ebay, as far as problems, ect..... I really don't want to buy a computer that has been stolen... If i can get a legit seller and save a few hunderd bucks it might be worth it

Also there is a few sellers right now that are unreal cheep.. Im taking it there fake. but who knows anyone have any info.....?

I emailed one of the guys or gals they wants 800 bucks for 2.5 g5 WITH 30 monitor!!! im sure its a total scam...

this is what he wrote me after a few emails:

In order to handle this deal on good terms I would like to inform you of a few things.

1. All items are brand new, have never been opened, have an international warranty provided by the factory, and come with all the necessary accesories (charger,battery,headset,manual,cables....)
2. SHIPMENT - This is something you shouldn't worry about because I believe it is my responsibility to deliver the items safely to your home.We can do it one of two ways. Either way I will pay for all related shipping expenses. I can send the package: -UPS overnight or -FedEX overnight
It will take one day and a half for the package to arrive to you. I will always pay for insurance in case any damage occurs during the handling and shipping, so we will both beprotected in case of damage.
3. HOW TO PAY - We have chosen Western Union's as a payment method because they have always served our
needs in a professional manner. We consider promptness a vital condition of the modern e-Commerce market. To arrange the transfer, you must go in person to a Western Union office and
send the money from your name and address to my name and address .Here
are the details that you need for the money transfer:

LAST NAME: Georgian
ADDRESS: Car. Dorobanti #2

Please be precise with my first and last name.
To send the money you must find a Western Union agent location and send the money from there
because Western Union doesn't accept money online in Romania.
After you send the money, you will recive a confirmation number and
then you can email me the following details :
-the sender name
-the sender address
-the amount
-MTCN (money transfer control number)

4. REFUND -After the package arrives you have a 7 days period in
which you can send the package back for a full refund, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, but you will need to pay for the shipping back to me.
5.TAXES -There may be some customs duties for you to pay, but if you like, you can avoid them (if any):
In order to avoid customs fees, I can declare the item as a gift for you and in this way you will pay NO costum fees and you will receive the item very fast. You can declare to Western Union that you are sending the money to a friend in Romania that way when our deal I can get the money from W.U. without problems.
Please let me know when you have made the payment and after this I will start the delivery process.
I look forward hearing from you.

Suditu Georgian

sounds like someone is going to get screwed so thought i would let drop the ball...


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Aug 1, 2004
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I'm no expert but mention of Western Union makes my already ringing alarm bells sound a little louder... it's one of the payment systems most favoured by scammers.

First rule of Ebay – if it looks too good to be true, it most probably is! ;)


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Yeah. If you have to ask the question, you already know what the answer will be.

Never under any circumstances send payment for an eBay auction by Western Union. The seller/scammer will tell you that it is secure and Western Union won't release the funds until you provide a code or password upon delivery of your shiny new 70% off retail price G5. Of course that's a lie. They can pick up the money immediately with nothing more than a piece of ID (which will be forged anyway) and you will never see a machine -- because there is no machine - never was and never will be.

Also never use an escrow service that the seller chooses.

Eastern European source is also a red flag.

Whatever the excuse, NO machines are provided by apple at a wholesale cost more than 10% below retail. Therefore, any "New" machine that is more than 7% off retail (by the time the selling fees are taken) are either old model, used, stolen or simply nonexistent.



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May 26, 2005
yea Thanks again i new i shouldn't do any it just wanted to remind my self ha

Is there any ebayers you have had good deals with that sell macs on a normal basis????

thanks again



I bought my old iBook G4 off ebay from a UK seller and had no problems (I'm in the UK).

Basically make sure they have good / perfect feedback, avoid western union at ALL COSTS (best to use Paypal) and I'd stick to someone in the same country, so you can verify their address.

Also email them a few questions and what the response are like.



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Aug 2, 2005
Run away from that auction as fast as you can!!

Here are a couple of things to look for...

1. look at the category that the seller has listed the mac under. A lot of times, sellers will "hijack" someones account and post it under a weird category.

2. check out other auctions by the seller and see if they have sold anything else that remotely resembles a piece of technology. Normally, someone who sells nothing but potholders will not have a 2k piece of equipment for sale :)

3. NEVER EVER send money through Western Union

Hope this helps...
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